Friday, February 20, 2009

Where to get Car Loans With Bad Credit

People who are credit challenged in Cincinnati Ohio may be in for some great news. There is a website that a Cincinnati Ford dealer has set up to help people looking for Ford Taurus quotes and Ford credit has always been known for helping people with less than perfect credit. So it will be the perfect opportunity for people in Cincinnati with bad credit to buy cars with bad credit.

Also a New Jersey Hyundai Dealer has a site showing off their New Jersey used car inventory in addition to helping people with bad credit New Jersey Used car loans. It is a great time for people who need help buying a car when they have low credit scores.

Maybe then they will not be forced to use Jacksonville Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots for their next car.

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Been a While- Time to Start Giving Back

I have not had to deal with collection agencies or credit issues in quite sometime and have to thank the online credit world for giving me the guidance and the courage to face these fools down.  Now it is time to start giving back and putting more content out there to help others.

What has made me decide to do this is because a good friend of mine is being chased by Cach LLC and they are wearing him out.  So I started doing some research on them for him and showing him some tips to use to fight back against them.

I found an article about Cach LLC not protecting consumers identities and that really gave us both a wake up call.  These companies have access to a consumers personal information and do not even use their real name.  That should be a wake up call for anyone dealing with these companies.

One thing you want to be sure yo do is not let them bully you over the phone and make them put everything in writing and that usually gets them to shut up.  Here is another good website I found that helps people who are paying a collection agency.  Some pretty good advice ther as well.

The thing is when you get out of colection hell then you do not have to use websites that say they help Any Credit Get Car Loans, but really it has been fun putting that one together.  :P  Until next time

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Credit Info Resource on the Web

I am going to start posting about the available Credit Info Resource s available on the Internet.

There are many forums dedicated to credit repair and dealing with collection agencies. There is a lot of good advice to be found in many of the online credit repair forums, but then again there is plenty of bad advice and poor forum dynamics too.

Many of the credit repair forums are treated more as sounding boards for the forum owner to show there omnipotence instead of giving real help and if you show them where they are wrong they resort to flames and personal attacks.

The best credit repair forum in my opinion is Credit Boards,(they have not asked for nor have I been compensated for this endorsement) because of the diversity of the community and the breadth of knowledge displayed there. Not only is the community dynamic they also have the largest user base bar none. You are best to stay away from Credit Repair Forums that have limited user bases and proclaim that they are Credit Info Resources.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Newest Creation Hits the Blogosphere

I have a new sight that will be in the form of an online newspaper. The new site will focus it's attention on misinformation dispelled by news sources, unethical corporate behavior and opinions on current consumer news.

The new site is Consumer Blotter it is time to bring these types of things to to the forefront for the world to see. Many people use online forums and sites like ripoff report to vent in anonymity in fear to stand up for their rights publicly. It is time for consumer to stop being shoved around by companies big and small.

While my political views are very moderate I guess this site will let the liberal in me shine. Please take the time to visit Consumer Blotter today.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Learning to Use a Blog

I have set up a free training program for people wanting to learn how to use blogs. You can blog about a lot of things. Not just about making a collection agency leave you alone.

Visit to sign up for my free ecources

Documenting Collection Agency Abuse

One of the most important things you can do if you are dealing with a collection agency is to document every contact with them. There are also some other things you must do besides keep a journal with them.

I found a very interesting article on good way to keep track of a collection agency you can read it at: How to Document Collection Agency Abuse

This is critical if you wish to fight back against Abusive Collection Agencies. This combined with an aggressive strategy will help you deal with them a lot better.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Using the Internet to Get the Word Out and Stop Abusive Collection Agencies

If you have been dealing with abusive collection agencies one of the best ways to stop them from abusing others is to get the word out about them and their abusive tactics.

Using the internet is one of the most cost effective ways to do this. I created a special blog to get the word out about collection agencies that have attempted to collect nonexistent debts or that have completely violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

While this method not fit your style you can do it in complete anonymity if you desire. I really don't care if I get a reputation as a debtor to avoid by collection agencies, but using a brash style achieves many goals for me.

Not only does it cause collection agencies to settle faster it also allows me to make some extra cash online while I am fighting my battles with them..

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dont Let Midland Credit Place You in Danger of Identity Theft

Midland Credit Management does not let their employees give their last name while they have all of your personal information such as social security number, date of birth and home address.

There is a recording that show how one of their agents is stumped when this fact is brought to light. You hearsee it at You need to protect your Identity if Midland Credit is coming After You.

Just don't let problems with dealing with collection agencies also to allow your Identity to be compromised as well. Investigate Identity Theft Protection Products if any collection agency has your personal information.